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Electrical Fault Finding & Hazards

Electrical fault finding to inspect and repair faults and prevent hazards.

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Inspect & repair electrical faults and potential hazards

Do you have an electrical problem that needs to be fixed? Are you worried about an electrical hazard that needs attention before it causes an incident?

Spot On Electrical will help keep you safe from electrical hazards and repair faults before they become a major problem. We ensure all your electrical systems and appliances will be up to code and working well. Contact us today to make a booking.

What types of faults and hazards can we help find and fix?

There are many electrical faults that can occur at home and in the workplace.

Our electricians are experienced in testing and tracing faults to the source. We can rewire an entire house or building or just fix one faulty switch.

We can fix damaged cords and wiring for faulty lights, switches and much more.

Appliances located in wet areas can pose a major risk (such as old electric heaters mounted in bathrooms).

They should either be removed or upgraded and re-located by a licensed electrician.

There is a fire risk with ageing wiring and incorrectly wired appliances can overheat. Other types of hazards exist such as grease dripping onto cords and outlets.

Our electricians can find these hazards and prevent them causing serious damage.

We are experienced in electrical inspection for houses and commercial properties.

Contact us at Spot On Electrical to inspect your property or determine the cause of any electrical fault.

Electrical fault finding services:

  • Bad wiring
  • Damaged wiring and cords
  • Move appliances from wet areas
  • Loose connections or switches
  • Electrical breakdown
  • Prevent fire hazrds

Service highlights:

  • 12 month warranty on work and parts
  • Australian Standards compliance
  • Qualified electricians
  • All Adelaide areas

Pricing information:

  • Pricing on request
  • No obligation quote

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