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On Slab Floor Heating

Underfloor electric heating system from LIVELLA – We supply and install.

25 Year Guarantee
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Guaranteed Quality | 100% Coverage | Over 20 Years Experience | Friendly Install & Support

Installation – Electric Underfloor Heating

Spot On Electrical is a Livella Floor Heating Systems installation partner and licensed provider.

If you would like Spot On Electrical to provide a complete supply and installation service:
Please first contact Livella head office for a quote and referral.

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On Slab Floor Heating Applications

On slab floor heating cables can be installed in new or existing homes (renovation projects). On-slab cables are only three millimeters thick and can be installed on any substrate under any floor covering.

Livella’s heating cables are so versatile and reliable you can even heat your showers or stairs.

Example Applications:

  • Living areas and kitchens
  • Bathroom, Laundries and other wet areas
  • Pool floor surroundings
  • Many more subfloor applications

Under Tile Floor Heating Diagram

Quick Warming

Heating cables are located directly below the floor coverings or in-screed. Program your floor heating system to turn on and off at predetermined times.

Quick warming and cooling means the system is only operated where and when needed. Zones are typically divided by room or periods of common use.

Free Form Flexibility

If you decide that an on slab system best suits your lifestyle – ensure that you pick a custom-made free form floor heating system – and not a heating mat, carpet heating pad or tile strip heater. It is only with a free form system that you can guarantee uninterrupted comfort.

That’s why a Livella-brand system is the preferred choice of reputable builders, quality decorators and the discerning homeowners. By making use of a mat style system you will never have the ability to customize the amount of heat needed in the space or guarantee 100% floor coverage. Rest assured with a Livella Heating system you will never be left with uncomfortable cold spots.

Quick Design and Quotation

Livella’s design team are experts in the industry and can provide you with a free no-obligation design and quotation service with a next day turn-around. Speak with one of our professional designers today with regards to your unique project!

Alternatively, refer to the Livella complete sizing guide.

Designed for Bathrooms, Laundries and Other Wet Areas

Onslab Floor Heating Cable

Livella’s doubly insulated heating cables are designed to create safe, luxuriously warm floors in every corner of the home – even in showers, laundries, around pools and other wet areas.

The central conductor is shielded by a full, woven copper earth screen – which is connected to a Residual Current Device – and then sheathed in a waterproof coating of high-temperature tolerant insulating material for complete peace of mind.

This double and triple-safe cable construction has withstood the demands of the IEC60800 standards and IPX7 tests, successfully maintaining safe operation at 3000V while submerged in a NaCl solution.

Compliance & Safety

Livella is passionate about engineering and manufacturing the safest, most reliable floor heating systems – products that protect both your family and the investment in your new home or renovation.

Our world-class engineers have ensured every product exceeds the safety and longevity requirements of both Australia and New Zealand’s peak regulatory authorities. We have also tested our products for compliance against all relevant local and international standards as well.

What’s more, every heating cable is individually tested three times prior to delivery and continuously throughout the installation by our damage alarms for complete peace of mind.

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