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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms for homes, workplaces and rental properties – Supply, install, test.

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Do you need a smoke alarm installed or tested?

Smoke alarms can help save lives by providing occupants with an early warning about house fires. A smoke alarm can help you and your family leave your home quickly in case of a fire, especially if you are asleep. All South Australian homes must be fitted with a working smoke alarm.

Spot On Electrical install and test smoke alarms in Adelaide homes, rental properties and commercial sites. We recommend having more than one alarm installed in your home or business as each alarm significantly reduces the risk of death or severe injuries to the occupants in an emergency.

What to consider when installing a smoke alarm

  • Battery vs Hard Wired – We install smoke alarms that are hard wired to the main supply but are also complemented with 9v battery backup interconnected to the unit, ensuring maximum reliability. We do not recommend battery only alarms and can upgrade these older units.
  • Photoelectric vs Ionisation – These are the two main types of smoke detector in Australia. Photoelectric detectors are preferred in homes as they are better at sensing the smouldering fire associated with residential fires. Consider this Smoke Alarm Buying Guide from Choice Australia.
  • Detector Location – It is important to consider the rooms where the alrms will be fitted. Hallways are best as it allows the fire to be detected before the smoke moves across multiple rooms. Kitchen areas are not optimal as things like burning toast may result in nuisance alarms, and most pot fires are visible to a close by person.

Smoke alarm testing and maintenance

To keep your smoke alarm in good working order follow these tips to test and maintain:

  1. Test it once a month by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds
  2. Clean it with your vacuum cleaner every six months to remove dust
  3. Change the battery once a year (unless it’s a ten-year lithium battery)
  4. Replace the whole unit every ten years or sooner if required
  5. For business; keep OH&S records up-to-date for all units with regular checks

Ask about our smoke alarm service and testing today for existing smoke alarm units.

Smoke alarm services:

  • Install new smoke alarm
  • Test and maintan existing units
  • Remove and upgrade older non-compliant units
  • Battery replacement and wiring
  • Safety inspections
  • Property audits and defects

Service Highlights:

  • 12 month warranty on work and parts
  • Australian Standards compliance

Pricing information:

  • Pricing on request
  • No obligation quote
  • All Adelaide suburbs

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